MTD VAT (Making Tax Digital for VAT)

MTD VAT affects all VAT registered businesses.

MTD VAT Explained

Businesses who are VAT registered must comply with the MTD VAT rules.

This includes maintaining their business records in a digital format and submitting their VAT returns using the HMRC API. (Application Programming Interface).

Manual record keeping is not compliant with the MTD VAT requirements.

Useful blogs to ensure compliance

We have wrote several blogs to help businesses understand their MTD VAT requirements. They are based on the typical questions which our clients have asked ourselves over the last few months.

MTD VAT Deadline

This blog includes the enrolment start date and deadline date. By following these dates you will ensure your business is MTD VAT compliant with minimal hassle.

MTD Exemptions

Not all businesses are required to sign up to MTD. Some businesses are exempt. This blog explains which businesses can avoid the new requirements.

MTD Deferral

Some business types can delay compliance for 6 months. This blog explains which businesses are affected.

MTD Taxable Turnover

An important requirement of MTD is based on the taxable turnover of the business. This blog explains what is actually included when calculating taxable turnover.

MTD Keeping Records Digitally

What does keeping digital records actually mean? This blog answers many of the common misconceptions about what is actually required to be retained.

MTD and Excel

A business can continue to use excel and be MTD VAT compliant. It can also use other software or old versions of programs such as an old version of Sage. The software must maintain ‘digital links’ which can be done using ‘bridging software’. This blog explains those terms in more detail.

MTD for VAT Registration Guide

This step by step blog will guide you through the process of signing up for MTD VAT with HMRC. It details the information you will need prior to starting your registration. It all shows print screens from HMRC of what questions and layout you can expect to complete.

Authorise MTD Software

After completing the MTD Registration Guide mentioned above, the final step is to authorise the software. This blog explains the process of allowing your software or bridging software to electronically file your VAT return using the HMRC API.

MTD VAT Penalties

The blogs above if followed correctly will ensure you avoid any penalty. However this blog explains what the potential penalties would be for non-compliance. We’ve also explained exactly what is meant by the ‘soft landing’.